Just because you can doesn't mean you should

It is now far more common for women to have a very active and fit lifestyle than it use to be, which is great and I am all for it but In my job this can make it "challenging" when women fall pregnant.
If nausea hasn't flattened you, active women keep going to the gym, doing the same exercise routines they are use to because they don't feel any different.
When pregnant your hormones do weird and wonderful things, one hormone you need to be aware of is RELAXIN. This hormone prepares your body for delivery so starts 'relaxing" joints and ligaments, meaning you are now more prone to injuries and falls (pregnant women have the same fall rate as older adults). Now comes the nerd part of me, When you combine relaxin with force generation (all exercise produces a force in your joints) my head goes into overdrive. Heavy lifting, HIIT, running, jumping all increase the pressure on your joints, muscles, ligaments and PELVIC FLOORS.

Im not saying you need to stop but you need to be aware and work alongside a qualified practitioner who keeps up with the science and research.

As your baby grows and your weight increases you need to start decreasing the load/force of your exercises. You still might feel fine and capable but your body (and dry pants) will thank you when you return to exercise post baby.

There is lots of great practitioners in the pregnancy field so find someone you gel with or you  can start with me, Donna :), head to my website here