How will I know when i'm ready to run again?

For alot of new mums they want to know when they can start exercising again or when they can go for a run.

There is numerous protocols that allied health professionals use to assess your ability to return to high impact exercise postnatal. 

As NMB was originally founded by Donna who manages and owns an allied health clinic, Bodhi and co  returning to exercising is a topic she covers.

Donna will initially use ultrasound testing to look at the core, this will help her assess DRAM (abdominal separation, every pregnancy causes this but to different levels) and activation of your 4 main core muscles.

You can also assess yourself at home, once ultrasound testing has been conducted. A simple test to start with is the following 

✻ Run on the spot for 30seconds followed by 10 high knees or 3 jump squats followed by 3 deep coughs

If there is any feeling of heaviness, pain or incontinence after doing the above test it is highly recommended to not start running just yet. 

Donna offers face to face appointments or online video conferencing for post natal and pregnancy related assessments, click here to book